If you have turned to this page because you have lost a loved one, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Funerals may be very complex to arrange.

Your first step would usually be to make the arrangements through a Funeral Director, but please feel free to contact either the clergy or the Church Office.

There will be so many thoughts buzzing through your heads - so much to do and to arrange, so many people to tell - that the service can sometimes almost get ‘lost’. The following points may help in your planning:

  • Do you want a church service, or simply a service at the crematorium or cemetery?

  • Time is a factor - please make sure there is enough time for all you want in the service. You can book longer times if required.

  • How do you want the service to ‘feel’? Is it to be a time of celebration of a life?

  • Share memories of your loved one. It helps to have some events and memories noted down - stories to share and remember. It can be a time to smile, as well as a time to mourn.

  • Are there any readings or music that are really special? Remember, the service is for you and the other mourners, to best honour your loved one, and to say farewell. Though it might help to include their ‘favourite hymn, piece of music or reading’, don’t worry if you can’t think of something.

Clergy and Funeral Director will be happy to advise on all aspects of the service.

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