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Life Events

Baptisms and Thanksgivings for babies and young children

Your child is precious to you and precious to God.  These are a few ways you may like to mark your child's birth or adoption at St John’s if you live in Belmont parish* or attend this church.

Thanksgiving is a special service giving you the opportunity to give thanks to God for the gift of your child.  If you do not feel that now is the right time for your child to be baptised, this is a great way to celebrate this step in your journey​.

When you are ready, a Baptism (Christening) service marks the start of your child's amazing journey of faith, as they are baptized with water into the family of the Church. Along with your chosen godparents, you will commit to helping your child on the next steps of their journey, with the Church supporting and praying for you.

Please contact us via the Church Office email ( or have a chat with one of the clergy after a Sunday service.


* To find out if you live in Belmont Parish, type your postcode into this website: or contact us directly.


Baptisms and Thanksgivings for older children and adults


We would love to journey with you as you take your next steps on your faith journey.  Come along to one of our services and chat to one of our clergy afterwards. 


Our services are currently at 8am (a quiet, reflective Communion service using the same words which have been used for over 400 years), 9:30am (a larger service with hymns and more modern language) and 5:30pm (only on the first Sunday of each month, a service of hymns, readings and prayers).

Weddings and Blessings

Congratulations on your engagement!


We would love to help you mark your love for each other in a service of marriage, blessing of a marriage, or a service of thanksgiving.


​St John’s is a great place to get married in as you will be following in the footsteps of generations of couples who live in Belmont, we can ensure your ceremony reflects you as a couple, and most importantly we pray for God’s blessing upon you and your life together.


A marriage is a legal ceremony so there are some rules and regulations which need to be followed, therefore in the first instance please do contact us via the Church Office email ( or chat to a member of clergy after a service.


Blessings and thanksgivings after a civil ceremony, or to mark an anniversary/significant event in your life as a couple, are not legal services and so therefore can be more flexible.  Give us a call or email so we can create a service which is right for you and we pray that God blesses your life together.


A fantastic and informative website about Church of England weddings is:

We are very sorry for your loss, and pray that God comforts you and gives you peace at this difficult time.  We are here to walk with you through your bereavement journey, particularly in the early days as you prepare to say your final farewells.


We can hold funerals, services of thanksgiving and memorial services in St John’s Church.  Our clergy can also take Christian funeral services in a crematorium (either as a stand-alone service, or before/after a service in church).


In the first instance, please choose a funeral director, and contact them (if you don’t know who to choose, you may want to ask local friends for recommendations).  Let them know that you would like a minister of St John’s Church Belmont to take the service, and they will contact us to confirm the date and time of the service.  Our clergy will then contact you to arrange to visit you to talk through what you want from the service, and give you guidance and advice if needed.  We are also here as a shoulder to cry on, a person to share your memories with, and support you in your grief.

If your loved one has been cremated, some time afterwards you may wish to bury their ashes.  We can bury the ashes of Belmont residents in our Garden of Remembrance.  Please contact us via the Church Office email ( and we will help you through this.

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