Our church services


8am said communion service each Sunday

9.30am communion service each Sunday 

(booking essential  - see below)

5.30pm monthly Choral Evensong, usually the first Sunday of the month.

Sunday 31 October, 4.30pm, All Souls Service

All are welcome to attend this service to commemorate the departed.  We will collect names for reading out at the start of the service.


Remembrance Sunday, 14 November

This year a public Act of Remembrance is planned at the War Memorial opposite St John's, starting shortly before 11am.  We will hold our usual communion services in church at 8am and 9.30am and after the latter we will process out to the War Memorial for the Act of Remembrance.  Afterwards we will provide tea and coffee outside the church for all those attending. 


Booking for 9.30am Sunday communion services

Booking is essential, so please 

  • email servicebookings@stjohnbelmont.org.uk by the previous Thursday

  • give the date of the service you want to attend

  • list everyone in your family, household or bubble who will be coming.

And please read the safety arrangements for coming to services below.  We've agreed them in accordance with our Safety Officer's risk assessment.


  1. When arriving at the church, if there are several people ahead please queue in the car park and wait to be invited in.

  2. You must wear your face mask at all times.

  3. You must observe adequate social distancing at all times.

  4. Inner and outer porch doors will remain open during the service to improve or maintain ventilation.

  5. Each church entrance will have a table for hand sanitizing, and your name and telephone number will be taken to allow tracing if anyone becomes infected within fourteen days of the service.  If you have a smart phone and have downloaded the NHS track and trace app you can instead log in from the NHS poster at the entrance.

  6. If you haven't been to the service before please take a pack from the table at the back of church which contains the service sheet, the communion protocol and these instructions.  PLEASE KEEP THEM ALL AND USE THEM NEXT TIME YOU COME TO THE SERVICE.

  7. Collection bowls will be at the back of church but will not be taken up to the celebrant and will remain in place until the end of the service.

  8. The churchwarden or a sidesperson will direct you to a seat, which may not be one you usually use.  Some pews are cordoned off for social distancing.

  9. We are using the front pews before the back ones so that there is less crossing over in the main aisle.

  10. Once seated please remain until directed to take communion.

  11. Please continue to wear your mask when singing.

  12. Any reader will read from the back of the church.

  13. At communion time a sidesperson will direct you from your pew, and there will be sanitizer stations at either side of the central aisle - PLEASE USE THEM before taking communion.  Do make sure while waiting that you remain in a single line and maintain social distancing.

  14. Communion will take place on the steps of the chancel.

  15. The celebrant will drop the Bread (no Wine) into the hand of the communicant who will then step to one side and eat the Bread by partially removing their face mask in any way they think fit and then replacing it and returning to their seat via the side aisles, making sure that one person does not cross over another. 

  16. At the end of the service the celebrant will walk to the back of the church and all those attending, starting with those at the back, will make their way out without stopping to chat.

  17. The church will then be closed until the following Sunday.

Eleanor Pinfold, Churchwarden