Our church services

8am said communion service each Sunday

9.30am communion service each Sunday 

5.30pm monthly Choral Evensong, usually the first Sunday of the month.

​The 8am communion service is a quiet reflective one.  The 9.30 service is a family one with hymns.







We want to return to the normal arrangements that existed for our services pre-Covid but need to do this in stages and with care, so please read the safety arrangements for coming to church below.  We've agreed them in accordance with our Safety Officer's risk assessment.


1.  Please wear your face mask at all times, including when you are singing.

2.  Please observe adequate social distancing at all times.

3.  Inner and outer porch doors will remain open during the service to improve or maintain ventilation.

4.  Each church entrance will have a table for hand sanitizing, and for ticking your name on a list (if you're a regular church member) or giving your name and telephone number.  This will allow tracing if anyone is found to be infected after the service.

5.  Collection bowls will be at the back of church but will not be taken up to the celebrant and will remain in place until the end of the service.

6.  At communion time there will be sanitizer stations at either side of the central aisle - PLEASE USE THEM before taking communion.  Do make sure while waiting that you remain in a single line and maintain social distancing.

7.  Communion will take place on the steps of the chancel.

8.  The celebrant will drop the Bread (no Wine) into the hand of the communicant who will then step to one side and eat the Bread by partially removing their face mask in any way they think fit and then replacing it and returning to their seat via the side aisles, making sure that one person does not cross over another. 

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